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Rental Agreement

RENTAL REQUIREMENTS  – You must be 18 years of age or older with a valid driver’s license to rent an machine. The license must be presented on the day of your rental. If you are unable to present your driver’s license on the day of your rental, you will not be permitted to operate the vehicle and you will forfeit your rental fee. As the renter, you assume responsibility for ALL damage that happens in your possession.

PASSENGERS – The primary renter assumes all responsibility for all participating!

HELMETS – Operator and passengers are required to wear helmets at ALL times. NO EXCEPTIONS!

HEALTH INSURANCE: HAVE IT! Because of the possibility of a crash and injury, it is recommended that all participants have adequate health insurance when riding any rental equipment. Adrenaline Rentals DOES NOT provide any medical insurance.

SECURITY DEPOSIT – All renters will be required to provide a security/damage deposit on the day of pick-up. This is processed as a “pre-authorization” on renters’ card. The bank will release funds back to renter within 7 days provided there is no damage or fees acquired. It is the responsibility of all renters to make sure you have the funds available on your card for “pre-authorization” the day of rental. If your card is declined you will forfeit your rental and no refund will be given.

If An occurrence where the damage exceeds the security deposit the renter will be responsible for all additional costs. We will use our best efforts and resources to provide a fair estimate based on retail cost of parts, labor to assess, labor to order, shipping of parts, labor to install and lost rental time. The list of charges below is an example of the kinds of fees that may be incurred in the event of a loss. It is our policy to charge the credit card on file once the damage has been observed.

  • Parts to repair damage to tire, rim, body of vehicle, roof and accessories
  • Labor for repair
  • Loss of rental income (if the unit is not able to be rented due to damage, loss or needed repairs)
  • Recovery fee for vehicle
  • Other accessories included but not limited to GPS, air compressor, rear view mirrors
  • Helmets, goggles, shovel, lost snow park pass


  • Weekday rentals begin at 8AM. Rentals on Saturday and Sunday MUST be picked up the evening before rental date at 6PM.
  • The person picking up the rental MUST provide a valid ID that matches to reservation on file and a credit card with an available balance that can cover the damage deposit
  • Adrenaline Rentals and the Renter will perform a “walk around” together to inspect and take note and pictures of any damages/defects to the equipment prior to pick up for record
  • Staff will orient all renters to our equipment from loading and unloading and how to properly operate all machinery. The renter takes full responsibility for securing the equipment to the trailer and the trailer to the vehicle


  • ALL equipment and gear must be returned by 530. On Saturdays and Sundays, equipment can not be returned before 5PM.
  • Staff and the renter will perform a “walk around” together to inspect and take note and pictures of any damages/defects to the equipment
  • We are aware that sometimes things come up and you will not be able to return from the trail in time. We strive to be accommodating as possible but with a fast turnaround we also must keep our machines ready to go out with its next rider but need your help in order to do so!


  • $50 if the unit is brought back 30 minutes late (6PM)
  • $100 if the unit is brought back 1 hours late (630P)
  • Full day rental charge if the UTV is brought back more than 2 full hours late (730P)

FUEL – Equipment must be returned full of PREMIUM fuel. Renters who do not return equipment full will be charged $10.00/gallon for Adrenaline to re-fuel, fee will be taken out of renters deposit

CANCELATIONS – ALL cancellations will be charged 50% of total reservation. NO cancellations within 48hrs of reservation. NO EXCEPTIONS.


All of our units are equipped with a satellite GPS tracking system that “pings” towers and satellites every 30 seconds to provide Adrenaline Rentals with the current location of our equipment. This system helps Adrenaline Rental staff assist renters if they become lost and need assistance. This tracking system is also able to track speed on all equipment to ensure all renters are being safe on the trails and to track unit ware and tare.


The rental fee includes helmets for all drivers and passengers

Snow mobile rentals will receive one Snow Park Pass PER TRAILER. Renter must bring pass back to Adrenaline Rentals or a $50.00 replacement fee will be charged to renter.

Trailers are provided for hauling ALL equipment. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure your vehicle is capable or towing a small trailer. If you show up the day or your rental and your vehicle is unable to tow the trailer and equipment you will NOT be refunded.

  • Snowmobile trailers with 2 snowmobiles weigh roughly 1,500lbs. Most all cars can tow this.
  • Utv trailers and the UTV weigh roughly 3,800lbs.


It is your responsibility as a renter to know where you are going and how to get back. Should you become lost or need assistance reach out to us and we will try to get you back on track. Should you continue to not find your way back a fee of $100.00/HR will be charged for extraction/recovery. The time starts from when we leave to yard to return. Being “Lost” is no excuse for a late return


We are always available via tell phone. Call us and we will dispatch someone out to your location. All of our machines are 2020 and newer, however, with that being said mechanical problems can still occur. Should this happen to you, you will only be charged a prorated amount for the hours as long as the problem is determined to have not been caused by renter.


  • Phone
  • Water and snacks
  • Bug spray and sunscreen
  • Durable closed-toe shoes; open-toe shoes are not permitted
  • Several layers of clothing
  • Rain gear
  • Gloves
  • Maps/GPS navigation (if not included)