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Snowmobile Rental Procedure

The guide to a easy and fun experience

Adrenaline rentals is fully committed to a seamless and fun experience for our riders. Please read through this to help us make this quick and easy!

Phase 1: Its simple, book your choice of machine, you are welcome to do this on the website, but we are always by the phone to answer and address any questions you may have.

Phase 2: 24hrs before your rental starts, you will receive either a email or text with our waver instructions, you can do this directly off your phone or on your desktop. The day of your rental we will contact you to verify the time that your machine will be ready. Normally we plan on 6-630pm for evening pickups, and 730am for morning pickups. Make sure to read through this and our Rental agreement.

Phase 3: You show up for your rental (with waver finished), we will have your trailer set up and ready to go! We will get your helmets picked out, hook trailer up and do a quick inspection. We will answer any questions you may have. Don’t forget to grab a map if you would like one.

Phase 4: You ride! Enjoy your time stress free, we are always a phone call away, we are here to assist with any issues or questions. When your loaded up, shoot us a text, Fuel up your machine and return your rental by 530pm. We will do a quick inspection and send you on your way!

Central Oregon has many riding spots that offers both extreme riding and relaxed riding. Click here to see all riding area and snow parks of Central Oregon.

Things to remember:

  • If something gets damaged, TELL US! We will not be angry, we know things happen. However, if you don’t tell us and we find out, we will not be as willing to help!
  • Don’t be intimidated! These are easy to ride! Make sure to use your body, lean with the machine!
  • When showing up for a rental, please make sure you have your drivers license AND a up to date credit card that’s not maxed out! If you do not bring these with you, or your un able to afford the security deposit, you will forfeit your rental.
  • Bring warm clothes! We include helmet socks with each rental.
  • All of our trailers use a 2″ ball hitch. Please make sure your vehicle has a adequate ball hitch. Due to them never being returned, we do not lend them out! But we have them for purchase. 


Common questions:

  • Do you include a trailer with my rental? YES! We have a fleet of single and 2 spot tilt trailers.
  • Can you load a snowmobile in my truck? YES, we have a ramp that is free to use. This ramp will allow you to drive right into your truck.
  • Can i haul 4 snowmobiles on 1 trailer? Unfortunately we do not have a 4 place. But, give us a call and we will work out a way to get them to the mountain!
  • Do you have a single sled trailer? YES.
  • Can you assist me on where to go? Absolutely, as avid riders our selves, we know Central Oregon’s backyard like the back of our hands.
  • What if i break down? We have yet to have a instance where a customer breaks down bad enough for us to have to come rescue, but we are here to help, if there is a issue, call us immediately, we will do our best to be up there within the hour.
  • Can my car haul the snowmobile trailer? More than likely yes, if your car has a receiver hitch, then you should be able haul the snowmobiles, 2 snowmobiles and a trailer only weigh about 1500-1700lbs. Check your cars gvwr and hitch rating.
  • We have never rode before, can you show us how it works? Absolutely, no matter what we give everyone a run down on how they work and how to run them.
  • We don’t have helmets, do you include them? YES! We include winter rated full face helmets.